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01 May 2008

Theme Art Imagination Blogger Templates

Theme Art Imagination Blogger Templates

Theme Art Imagination Blogger Templates

The Art Imagination template has been converted by Jacky Supit, who seems to have woken up after quite a while ;), once again an original wordpress theme has been ported for blogger.

This template is one of the simplest yet beautiful template I’ve ever made. with only 6 images used by the template, all the widgets are also easy to put. Just drop any widget on the sidebars, and you should see it goes live beautifully.

This template has 3 columns, with the main content on the left, and same width other columns on the middle and right sidebars. Installing this template is very easy. just upload the xml template to your blogger dashboard like the other template. The only different is that because this template use a large image on the background, you have to host the image on your own googlepages or or any of your own images hosting.

Just follow this simple steps.

Upload the bg_body.jpg image (it’s in the zip file) to your own image host
Get the image URL then
Find this line below inside the XML template file

body {

now replace the red color with your image URL (step #2)
Save your template. and done.
Theme Art Imagination Blogger Templates


Reynold Hugh said...
Apr 6, 2010, 3:14:00 AM

Is it all the templates here compatible with blogger standard basic templates?
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