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04 October 2008

Theme Blog Oh Blog V2.0 Blogger Templates XML

Theme Blog Oh Blog V2.0 Blogger Templates XML

Theme Blog Oh Blog V2.0 Blogger Templates XML

Theme Blog Oh Blog V2.0 Blogger Templates XML

Blog Oh Blog v2.0 is a very clean and useful new Blogger template. It’s been enhanced by eBlog Templates so it’s more functional and easier for you to setup! It comes with 3 columns and the following widgets. Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Search, RSS Feed, Link List, and tabbed navigation.

It’s easy to update the tabs once you install the template. Actually you won’t see any tabs when you first set it up. You’ll need to go into template edit mode and edit the “Top Tabs” page element. There you can create all the tabs you want. The “Home” tab gets automatically created after you setup your first tab.

There’s also a header Ad html box which you can either remove or update with your own banner ad. It’s a perfect spot for a 468×60 banner such as Google adsense, etc. Once you edit the page element, the default Text Link Ads banner ad will go away.

The about box in the top right area is easy to edit as well. Just enter whatever text you want in the widget box.
Also, you’ll need to setup the Recent Posts and Comments widgets. Read this post for instructions on how to configure them.

Thanks to Blog Oh Blog for designing this template (originally for WordPress) and to Jacky Supid for converting it to the new xml Blogger template.

Revision History
Update 5/11/08 - Added Feedjit sidebar widget & fixed layout editor page so widgets align properly. Also added live demo site.
Theme Blog Oh Blog V2.0 Blogger Templates XML


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